Small Animal

  • Puppy and kitten health checks, vaccination and parasite control
  • Full in-house diagnosis including radiography, ultrasound, ecg and blood analysis
  • Neutering
  • Surgical procedures ranging from simple stitch-ups to more complicated orthopaedic, abdominal and soft tissue reconstructive surgery
  • Premate testing, pregnancy diagnosis and caesarians if required using the most up to date anaesthesia
  • Dentistry
  • Pet passports and export certification
  • 24 Hour emergency service provided by our own staff
  • PDSA pet aid


  • Routine health checks, personalised vaccination and worming programs
  • Routine dental work
  • Full lameness investigation including radiography
  • Pre-Purchase examinations
  • Horse measuring ( JMB certificate holder )
  • Stud management including pregnancy diagnosis and neonatal foal care
  • 24 hour emergency cover provided by our own staff

Farm Animal

  • O.V. (previously L.V.I.) work: tuberculosis, brucellosis and anthrax testing; export certification
  • Herd Health Plans
  • Routine medicine for individual cases and also preventative medicine regimes and vaccination programs
  • Routine surgery of feet. Soft tissue surgery: abomasal conditions (surgery or toggling techniques) and caesarians
  • Pregnancy diagnosis and fertility work aided by our backpack ultrasound scanner and headset
  • 24 hour emergency cover provided by our own staff